The foundation of science is an unyielding curiosity that represents an unquenchable search for truth. Brilliant astrophycisist Dr. Carl Sagan once st...View Details

“We were told what to believe, what to think, and where we can go…Freedom was crushed and I had to escape.” This statement could have been uttered by...View Details

A summary of 10 Critical Life Lessons learned during 18 months of lockdowns in which I was unable to return home and had 5 flights cancelled. Going th...View Details

View the video to this audio podcast for free at If you find my content valuable, please like and share. This is the only ...View Details

We live in an increasingly dumbed down world in which the minions, blindly bound to the narratives and mandates of the fascists, not only happily embr...View Details

The popular cookie-cutter cause of karens and simps today is to force immunizations upon neighbors and co-workers, but unfortunately for this scientif...View Details

Big Pharma has completely corrupted science and duped hundreds of millions around the world, producing scientific studies driven by profit and money, ...View Details

CORRECTION: At minute 29:00 I was pulling the disease name from memory and misspoke. It is not Hodgkin's. It is HUNTINGTON'S CHOREA that can be geneti...View Details

Economist Milton Friedman once stated that oligarchs will always take advantage of a crisis, “actual or perceived” to implement rapid societal changes...View Details

A month ago, I discussed the financial money trail behind the never ending global lockdowns. Today, I discuss the political agenda of these lockdowns ...View Details

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