In recent interviews, North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has stated that she is horrified by many of the lockdown policies she has witnessed in America...View Details

A wave of homelessness in the millions is going to wash upon the shores of America from coast to coast now that eviction moratoriums ended during the ...View Details

A discussion of the disturbing applicability of Aldous Huxley's 1932 dystopian future, A Brave New World, to the implementation of the Great Reset tod...View Details

There is so much poor information about the vacc I nation debate, including politicization of the debate that is obscuring real scientific affects abo...View Details

Most investors never connect the necessity of developing a strong critical thinking framework to the ability to build wealth and to make intelligent i...View Details

Global bankers have been executing the exact same blueprint for the continuing waves of global lockdowns for more than a century that it is mind blowi...View Details

We've all heard that we can become our own Central Bank to remove risk from our savings simply by converting our savings into physical gold, because a...View Details

The global oligarchs have been very successful in using useful idiots on both sides of this argument to promote a religion v. science fallacy. This fa...View Details

Since 2015, the Indian State and RBI (Reserve Bank of India) under the direction of PM Narendra Modi has been executing a three phase plan to steal it...View Details

Reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley, when asked why he decided to go ahead with a planned Smile Jamaica unity concert in Kingston, Jamaica just two days...View Details

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