In today's podcast, perhaps the last of 2020, I discuss lessons learned from the extreme adversity of being subjected to travel lockdown for the entirety of a year and the struggles overcome of living like an ascetic monk. I discuss why it's necessary for all of us to use the extreme adversity we've all faced in 2020 to take the lessons learned and to welcome our state of discomfort to discover our true nature, to build mental strength and to build character, as this will be essential to be able to thrive in the next five years.

Thanks to everyone that has followed me this year and I look forward to releasing more excellent podcasts next year. If you wish to support me, please spread word about my podcast to others, sign up for my free newsletter at, consider becoming a patron at and donate to my still active (I think?) campaign to launch my online academy in 2021 at

Have a blessed holidays everyone, keep the faith and keep the fight alive!

#overcomeadversity #embracestruggle #unschool

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