The global oligarchs have been very successful in using useful idiots on both sides of this argument to promote a religion v. science fallacy. This fallacy is based upon rigid delusional inflexibility on both sides of this debate propagated by useful idiots that spew spiteful hatred upon not only anyone that disagrees with their arguments but that also dares to challenge their opinions. Both the advancement of religion and science depend upon curiosity and tolerance to present challenging ideas. More importantly, simply viewing this controversial debate through the perspective of love versus hate can easily dissolve this fallacy. If I believed religion spread vile hate throughout the world, then I would be all for abolishing religion as well. But the fact that I base my religious beliefs on a foundation of love doesn't make my definition of religion invalid. It makes the oligarchs definition of religion not only deceitful but misanthropic. Nobody of any religion in this world that believes in a higher power could base their beliefs upon hatred, but this what the oligarchs have convinced millions of us to believe. Nobody of any scientific credibility would ever believe that the dynamic field of science is never to be questioned and challenged, but this is what the hateful oligarchs have convinced millions of us to believe. It's high time we educated ourselves on these matters to build up our immunity to their worldwide deception that is used to control us.

This fallacy has given rise, ie, to the ill-formed perception that the mountain of questionable science used to enforce global lockdowns is never to be questioned. Let’s discuss why.  

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