Global bankers have been executing the exact same blueprint for the continuing waves of global lockdowns for more than a century that it is mind blowing how few people in this world have been able to connect the dots to break through the veil of illusion of subservient politicians enforcing the banker mandated lockdowns to understand the truth. I'm almost positive the lockdowns will NOT end until 2023 at the earliest from the trails I've uncovered by following the money.

From IMF and World Bank bankers continually placing cast iron yokes around the necks of nations through multi-billion dollar "bailout" loans designed to set back nations by decades and destroy the foundation of their socio-economic infrastructures, I discuss the numerous similarities of the social and financial goals of these never ending global lockdowns to the pillaging of nations undertaken by global bankers for centuries.

I also discuss the massive financial incentives bankers provide to politicians at every level, from MPs to Congressmen to Premiers to Prime Ministers and Presidents, to convince them to follow their directives that literally destroy the social and financial fabric of their nations and that plunge billions of their citizens into misery and suffering. I also discuss why global corporate executives also go along with this banker ruse as they trade in their souls and nations' futures for the promise of wealth and a seat at the table of the Great Reset.

So strap in, and get set for not only a wild history of banking unlike you have ever heard before,  but the most honest, straightforward history of banking you will ever hear. By the time you make it to the end of this podcast, your perspective on global politics, the lockdowns and the world will surely be very significantly changed forever.

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Podcast Shownotes:

First skwealthacademy in which I discussed how hundreds of trillions of notional interest rate derivatives is the much more intelligent link to continuing global lockdowns versus a "lethal" virus

The Quiet Coup, by former IMF Chief Economist Simon Johnson

Referenced books:

Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins

The Road to Serfdom, F. A.  Hayek



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