CORRECTION. At the 22:40 mark I mentioned a total solar eclipse that happened on 29 May 2019 that validated Einstein's postulations in his Theory of General Relativity published in 2015. Obviously, I misspoke and those years respectively were 1919 and 1915, not 2019 and 2015 (as those misspoken years would mean Einstein is still alive today, lol).

Can science explain the recent Pentagon disclosure of UFO videos? This is the question that has been buzzing around online forums and one that I am going to address, especially for the benefit of those so desperate to “believe.” Today, I’m venturing somewhat off topic regarding the normal topics I address, re: systemic risks to the global financial system, the massive increase in the overnight reverse repo markets as of late, assessment of future asset price behavior in oil, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies, etc. Instead, I am going to take a critical look at a story that would have been a top news story around the world had it not been for the mass media’s obsession with the covid virus and their obsession in selling fear to the masses about the more contagious but less harmful delta variant.  Though I realize the term to describe UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) has been amended to UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), perhaps because UAPs sounds more scientific than UFOs, since I grew up with the term UFO, I am going to continue to use UFO rather than UAP in this article. And though you may think this a really odd topic for me to address, if you keep reading, you will understand that getting to the bottom of this story is an exercise in critical thinking skills.

When I studied the release of US Pentagon UAP video footage, I concluded that zero proof existed that such aircraft maneuvers, as shown on numerous videos I watched, was of another world and indicative of the existence of intelligent life outside of our planet. None. I did not draw this conclusion from the use of an imaginary “bullshit” detector, nor from unwarranted skepticism. I drew this conclusion from a scientific process. The day we are presented with incontrovertible evidence of alien life, I will be happy to accept it. The Pentagon UFO disclosures do not qualify as this evidence. Hopefully, this article can serve as an exercise in critical thinking that will perhaps improve people’s understanding of science with additional benefits outside of just understanding scientific explanations of these videos. Perhaps if we all turn to filtering information through a rigorous scientific process before believing the shaky conclusions and narratives often forwarded by mass media, we won’t live the rest of their lives in fear of the next covid variant amidst falling mortality rates, we won’t be fooled by investment maximalists that are impervious to all intellect when it comes to proper asset risk assessment, and we will learn that when it comes to the mass media, one must often dig much deeper below the superficial surface-level of reporting offered to us to arrive at the best educated conclusion. Consequently, there just may be a connection between the ability to assess outlandish claims being forwarded about UFO videos and developing a more realistic understanding of the world of finance after all.

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