French President  Macron’s plea to sell gold to “help” Africa is just another transparent simple-minded propaganda ploy to prevent gold from breaking out just when it is on the verge of breaking out much higher. If Macron really had a good heart (which he does not), he would urge the NATO nations to return the 143 tonnes of Libyan gold that stole after the French led invasion of Libya. Or perhaps the NATO nations could return the 143 stolen tonnes of Libyan gold and the 33 tonnes of gold they stole from Ukraine, that at today’s price of $10.75B, would go a long way to paying reparations for the long history of French, British, Belgium, Portuguese and Italian oppression of African nations. Macron’s fake plea that will never be carried out as EU nations realize the importance of keeping possession of their physical gold, was just propaganda designed to drive gold prices down, which it successfully accomplished.

Furthermore, the French State has never done anything out of beneficence and altruism for Africans, and certainly, Macron will not be the one to reverse this history. Yes, for all those wondering, Macron’s plea to “bail out” Africa is not a sincere plea, but just a continuation of France’s dark history of brutally colonizing Africa and exploiting Africans to enrich the French entitled wealthy and bourgeoise.

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