For some reason, many people think tyranny only came to ours shores in 2020, with SARS 2 as the excuse for the ruling class to implement their dystopian plan around the world. This simply is not true, and an examination of Eric Blair's 1984 explains why.


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Thank you to all those that supported my content creation in 2020 designed to uplift, enlighten and forward progress and truth.

Referenced Material

1984, by George Orwell

PCR Test Absolutely Cannot Provide Reliable Positive Diagnoses for SARS2 (Rona)

Scottish Police Arrest Family for Having Guests After Neighbor Snitches

UK Police Violate Lockdown Measures They Arrest Others for Violating. Tell People “Grow Up!” For Pointing Out Hypocrisy

Watch the Google Misinformation Campaign Documentary, The Creepy Line


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