Today, I discuss the reasons for why I do what I do and the necessity to keep a positive attitude, as difficult as it may be, during our current Age o...View Details

In this podcast, I have uploaded the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Panel Discussion of how basic rights to privacy will become a “luxury good”, a desire...View Details

Today I discuss a literal impossibility, Soaring global food prices in which indexes are up 4% in the last 12 months, with many food items soaring by ...View Details

With my 2020 prediction that bitcoin's price would double from $20k to $40k in 2021 already having materialized, what's next, and what are the risks a...View Details

There is one question everyone in the entire world has asked themselves within the past 12-months, but one I suspect that the overwhelming majority of...View Details

For some reason, many people think tyranny only came to ours shores in 2020, with SARS 2 as the excuse for the ruling class to implement their dystopi...View Details

During the never ending travel lockdown that has kept me from returning home for nearly a year now, I volunteer my time every week to teach discipline...View Details

As requested, here is a sample of an skwealthacademy Patron Only Podcast (one of three released to benefactor level every month, and of two released t...View Details

In 2021, the ruling class will up their deception game, making 2021 the Year of Deception. This does not mean that we must sit idly by and be victims....View Details

In today's podcast, perhaps the last of 2020, I discuss lessons learned from the extreme adversity of being subjected to travel lockdown for the entir...View Details

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